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Youh Youh Les Indiens : Ethnic jewelry inspired by the Navajo Indians

Spirit bohemian, ethnic inspirations, generous colors, the jewelry Youh Youh les Indiens are designed by Alison, a young designer from Bordeaux. It is in 2013 that the stylist in the Parisian ready-to-wear decided to create his brand. She set up her workshop on the banks of the Garonne, in the heart of Bordeaux, his hometown. Quickly, Marion, responsible for development in winter sports and longtime friend, will join to allow the new brand to take off.

Today, the two young women bet is successful, many partners and distributors trust them and Youh Youh les Indiens grows day by day. Every creation conveys the spirit of the brand, halfway between boho style, ethnic inspirations and graphic precision. Each jewel is worked in fine gold, in a subtle blend of materials and colors. A knowledge French-style, Parisian elegance, an invitation to travel.

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