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Royalties : The French socks of the highest quality

Emmanuelle Plescoff and Timothée Pic met while working for Christian Lacroix, Tim as designer, Emmanuelle as collection director. They hit it off, and decided to create Royalties in 2011. The first objective of Royalties : to design and fabricate a noble, high end sock collection, designed and made in France.

Royalties dares to use colour, to play with motifs, patterns and textures. The brand push the envelope on both fronts: tradition and creativity.
It traditional side is familiar, open, sporty, preppy; a modern interpretation of Ivy League dress codes, Gatsby’s elegance, and Bowie’s flamboyance.

Every pair of socks is entirely made in France, Royalties bring so much care to its knittings as to its motives. 
Every model is minutely developed, threads are chosen in the noblest materials

The result : Comfortable, soft socks, and which owed.

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