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Redskins : Europe's leading leather jackets since 1984

Redskins is known for the quality of its leathers as well as for the originality of its Teddy. Some cult models: the leather "Highway" of 1990, the teddy "Northvalley" of 1989 or more recently the dunton Wallas Galt. In a market where many brands have atomized leather collections, Redskins occupies today a leading European position in leather urban fashion. The brand offers complete collections throughout the year.

A textile line was born in the spring of 2005, in order to perfect its product offering and keep its creative power of proposal in summer. Resulting directly from the brand's know-how and spirit of quality, the licenses complement its offer. In 2003, the "shoes" license is set up. In 2006, the "glasses" license is exposed in both solar and optics. In 2008, small leather goods and luggage complete the shelves. Then, the goal of dressing children is reached by the marketing of a special collection for winter 2009. Since then, Redskins focuses on the development of the women's collection.

One of Redskins' priorities is the ongoing search for new skins and treatments.

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