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Laruze Paris : Watch your Style !

Made in Paris, Laruze watch's timeless design matches with unique and interchangeable straps collections for men and women.

All our watches are assembled in Paris and our bracelets made in auvergne. The French know-how, recognized throughout the world, is an important value that we want to make live our best. Working with French craftsmen and companies is for us a guarantee of quality, but also a very beautiful human adventure that we can thus share with you when you wear a Laruze.

Our dial is unique, thanks to its flared horns that allow to clip any Laruze bracelet in a few seconds. This patented system has been developed by our two creators in order to express their creativity without being constrained by existing systems that are often restrictive. Thus, on a Laruze, you can for example change a steel bracelet as easily as a leather bracelet and this always with the same simplicity and rapidity.

Our fox clamp, which comes to compete this system of interchangeable bracelets is actually a small tool to help you remove your bracelet in a snap. Emblem of the brand, it was thought to slip like a tie clip on your spare bracelets. So you can take your pliers and bracelets anywhere and anywhere.

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