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Frandi : The French manufacturer of leather goods

Frandi is a brand created in 1930 in Graulhet in the Tarn by Robert Gontier. He decides the name Frandi : the diminutive of Francine and Didier, the name of his children. Didier then took over the company in 1975, followed by his son Benjamin in 2008. French manufacturer in small leather goods for 84 years our success is the fruit of the work and experience of three generations.

The quality and constant search for new ranges remain a major target. This long tradition of craftsmanship, coupled with a rigorous technicality, has made it possible to create a very wide product range, in various types of leathers and a multitude of colors. The choice of leathers remains very important and we have excellent suppliers French, Italian and Spanish. Our after-sales service is also taken very seriously from our customers.

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