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Fiorelli : Elegant and sophisticated British brand of handbags

The London brand Fiorelli appeared in the early 80s and is now highly desired on the international scene. First British manufacturer of handbags, the Fiorelli bags excite with their originality, detail and quality at the best price.

Simple, fashionable and feminine, Fiorelli strives to always put a good dose fashion in his creations. The brand synonymous with elegance, sophistication and innovation. Fiorelli accompanies the woman's office until his elegant evening

We make handbags, beautiful handbags : handbags for the daytime, handbags for the evening; work bags, weekend bags; on-trend bags, classic bags. Bags that are designed to look as beautiful as they are functional ; bags that are easy to use, easy to carry, easy to find things in.The Fiorelli values of quality, detail, style and function are integral to every product we produce. They are designed with the greatest attention to detail, by a highly experienced designer based in the UK.

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