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Beau Nuage : Chic and Dry Umbrellas

Beau Nuage or the adventure of two Londoners facing intense rains. Rains that surprises you and ruins so many umbrellas on the streets of London. How to avoid losing, breaking or damaging your umbrella when commuting? This was the question Antoine and Aurélien asked themselves when they met.

The two friends and future associates then decided to get their feet wet and design their own umbrella:
- A robust umbrella to keep you dry at all times
- An umbrella with an elegant cover that will solve the drying and loss issues.

In a nutshell, an umbrella that would simplify your life!

After 2 years of intense work, Antoine and Aurélien found their way through! They proudly present you l’Original Beau Nuage, an elegant and robust umbrella together with its absorbent cover to keep you dry at all times. Now it’s time to face the raining cats and dogs with a Beau Nuage!

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